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We love exploring nature in many ways, and hiking is just one of them.

For many years we have been exploring the most beautiful attractions of the Ribnica Valley, which we would now like to present to a wider audience.

If you wish to experience Ribnica's forests, we will gladly take you with us and show you the hidden corners of our beautiful country.

Because we believe in the Slovenian saying "noč ima svojo moč", which means that night has its powers, we regularly organize night hikes, where paths are illuminated by our torches and the moon.


Daily hike: 10€ / person (lunch is included), the minimum number of participants is 2 people.


Night hike: 15€ / person (torch and brunch included).


Do you want to more about the hikes that we've prepared for you?

They are organized in 3 categories: 1- easy, 2 -moderate, 3 - hard. More info: