Paddleboard/ canoeing experience

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Because we like to explore the beauties of nature,

both land and river, we prepared different programs of discovering Ribnica's rivers, where you can rent canoes or paddleboards, and if you would need guiding we are more than happy to take you with us. We promise you, you will have an amazing experience and will be surrounded with good vibes only.


We have prepared different programs that are suitable for anyone. 

We can offer you:


• Program 1: shorter, focused more on paddleboarding


• Program 2: longer, narrated more on the experience (seeing different animals, culinary,... )


• Renting paddleboards or canoes.

• Renting the equipment (paddleboard/canoe, paddles, life jacket)

• Duration: 2h - 3h

• Organised transport from the starting point and back

• Guided activity


• Program 1


• Duration: 4h - 5h

• Culinary experience

• Detection of springs (Natura 2000)

• Presentation of fisheries


• Canoe for 2 people:



• Canoe for kids, on river Bistrica

• All-day rental:

• Paddleboards for kids on river Bistrica

paddleboards rental

(Shark touring) 

+ all related equipment

• All-day rental

• Paddleboards for kids on river Bistrica

paddleboards rental

(Shark allround) 

+ all related equipment

Would you like to know more about the sailings we have ready for you?

You can contact us here: